Play Irish Lottery

If you are a first time lottery better, then this information is for you. Placing a bet on a lottery is a win-win situation for you and it is exactly what it sounds like: you are betting on the numbers that will be drawn in the Irish lottery.

Here you can easily pick your numbers from the comfort of your home, without the trouble of buying a physical ticket (however, should you prefer buying a ticket, Irish-Lotto can help there too). Participating in the Irish National Lottery through betting on the result could not be simpler and you are still guaranteed to collect your prize.

When placing an Irish lotto bet, you do the exact same thing you would do if you were to play Irish lottery: you choose 6 numbers out of the offered 47, add one additional bonus number and cross your fingers your numbers will be drawn.

The only difference is that here you are betting on the draw result of a well-known lottery, instead of buying the actual ticket, but if you pick the winning numbers you win the same prizes as the actual ticket holders. So, if your numbers are drawn, we at guarantee you will receive your prize, equivalent of the prize drawn in the Irish National Lottery.

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Lucky people who play Irish lotto, through buying a ticket or placing a bet, have a chance to win big cash prizes two times each week (Wednesday and Saturday), which is exactly the same for those playing on our site. Entry times are also the same and they are always clearly stated when you are placing a bet or buying a ticket on, so you know when your draw will take place.

We are offering you the privilege of participating in lotteries in which you wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate in and giving you the opportunity of winning those big jackpots you could’ve only dreamed of until now. Placing a bet on or buying a ticket for the Irish lottery is as safe as playing the Irish lottery in store, except the payout of the prizes is guaranteed by us at when you are placing a bet.

Also, a quick tip: since you have the opportunity of buying the actual ticket, why not place a bet ALSO and double your winnings if your numbers are drawn! Good luck!