Apparently There Is a Way to Trick the Lottery

If you’ve been following the lotto world long enough, you probably already know everything about the Carolina Pick 3 daily drawings in North Carolina that sometimes has thousands of winners per draw. And if you don’t, that example could be a good learning story for everybody who wishes there is a way to trick the lottery.

The Learning Example To Help You Trick the Lottery

Every so often there is a story about thousands of North Carolinians winning money at the local lottery in the news. The thing that makes it distinctive (and interesting to all of the avid lotto players) is the fact that there are sometimes thousands of winners per draw.

Just recently the lottery officials announced that nearly 10,000 people are going to split the amount of 3.6 million dollars after guessing the right 0-0-0 combination in their popular Pick 3 game. The game is as simple as it sounds: players pick three random digits, and the combinations of the three same numbers, popularly called “trips”, are the most popular in the game.

How Is This Even Possible?

The odds of matching all three numbers are 1 in 1000, so it’s no wonder 9307 tickets with the winning combo were purchased this time. The top prize in Carolina Pick 3 is $250 for a 50-cent ticket and $500 for a one dollar ticket.

And as mentioned, this isn’t such a rare occasion in the Carolina lottery: a few months ago almost 8000 people won prizes for guessing the devilish 6-6-6 combination. So basically every time that “trips” are drawn, a huge amount of people win money.

So, what can you learn from this? Is there a way to trick the lottery after all? Well, not quite, but kind of. If by “tricking” you mean using every trick in the book to win the lottery, then yes. And we are going to list some of those “tricks” now.

Secret Lessons

First of all, the Carolina Pick 3 teaches us that we should pick the game with the best odds for winning. Just think about it: almost 10,000 just won prizes in one draw, simply because the odds for them winning was really good. Don’t dismiss the small lotteries either: they are often the ones with better odds, and it’s better to have higher chances of winning a bit smaller amount than the other way around, don’t you think?

Secondly, think about using the most frequent numbers (quick disclaimer for the unknowing: you can find the most drawn numbers for many lotteries online, and they should be your no. 1 pick). Sure, that also means you’ll probably have to split your prize because many other people also use them, but again, you’ll have to admit it’s better to win something than nothing.

Lastly, choose a game with frequent draws, or play many different games: the more you play, your chances for winning rise proportionally.

Ready to trick the lottery? The only thing left to do is play, so do it today!

These Lotto Stories Will Help You Win the Jackpot

There are a lot of lottery hacks online. There are also a lot of stories about people who were more than just lucky in playing the lotto and somehow managed to win against the odds. These stories are a perfect base or even lessons that can teach you how to win the jackpot.

Win The Jackpot With A Little Help Of Real Winners

Have you heard about a woman called Glenda Blackwell from Leicester who was angry at her husband for spending money on the lottery? And to prove to him that he should spend money and time somewhere else, she bought a scratch-off instead of a regular lotto ticket he asked her to buy. But, her plan backfired – she scratched it only to find she had won a million dollars! This is mainly just a fun story, but it can be used to your advantage: be certain that you won’t win so much that you are prepared to bet on it and just wait for destiny to prove you wrong.

You may laugh at it, but there’s at least one other example to back up that claim. Another woman, this time Charlotte Peart, tried to prank her husband that they’ve won the lottery. She faked the winning ticket, and then actually won the real jackpot just a week after that. Of course, he didn’t believe her the second time she tried to tell him, so she had trouble convincing him, but who could blame the man. Lesson: to win the jackpot never forget to keep it all playful, it’s a game after all.

World’s Luckiest Winner?

If we’re talking marital stories, here comes an old (and a nasty) one. A lady from California was famously ordered to hand over her entire lottery win of 1.3 million dollars to her ex-husband two years after she’d won them. Why? Well, it was a court order after he sued her when he found out she had filed for divorce as soon as she won the jackpot and kept it a secret! Lesson: don’t ever act “out of fraud or malice” (as the judge had ruled this woman did), or it will backfire. In other words: don’t let the money won (or the idea of winning) turn you into something you are not.

There is also a story of Joan R. Ginther a mysterious four-time lottery winner. And hers may be the most helpful for those who will soon win the jackpot: she has been dubbed the “world’s luckiest lottery winner” winning four times and whose winnings total at 20.4 million dollars, she won between 1993 and 2010.

Her Secret

Some news outlets claim she is a Stanford professor who has cracked the code for winning, but not much more is known about her since she won’t talk to the media. And there’s your lesson right there: after you win the jackpot keep as low as possible. That will help you sort everything out without new-found relatives, neighbours, and the rest of the world bothering you.

Did you find these stories educating? If yes, there’s only one logical next step: play today and win the jackpot!